Rosa de Papel revisited

Not every piece of paper is destined to become a beautiful rose. No matter how many folds and flips it may still keep looking like a ball of crumpled paper. The key is never to give up.

Shot on location on the botanic garden of Río Piedras in Super 16mm, this collaborative short film was created for a cinema class in the University of Puerto Rico. The original film was edited digitally from a standard resolution betacam transfer while this revisited edition offers a reinterpretation of the original story, taking as starting point the 16mm silent footage and making use of nothing but Tchaikovsky’s classic piece as audio track.


Original release December 15, 2012

Revisited release June 30, 2016

Puerto Rico | 2012 | 3 min | color | 1.66:1



A Revolú Films production
in collaboration with UPR | Río Piedras


José A. Negrón | Kathleen I. Jiménez
Giovanni Maldonado | Kenneth Hermina


Directed by
Luisa Touassa


Written by
Paola Perea


Revisited edition by
Ioannes Busca


Music Composed by
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Anette J. Otero | Yuliana Jorge | Carla Alvarado | Giovanni Maldonado | Joanna Caraballo | Ioannes Busca | Kenneth Hermina | Sara Torre | Naomi González | Lytzeliz Rodríguez


Jardín Botánico | Universidad de Puerto Rico |
Escuela de Comunicacíon | Dr. Eliseo Colón Zayas | Ana I. de Jesús | Pedro Viera | Myrna Colón
Senda de Libertad Rock Church | Pastora Lundy López | Origami Esquilín | ODY Corporation
Nazario Ramirez | UCTV | Wanda Aponte | Radio Universidad | Yolanda Zabala | Neftalí Arroyo


The original short film was realized
for the Cinema Production class in the
Universitiy of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras
with professor Carlos H. Malavé


Shot in Puerto Rico in December 2012
Revisited in August 2016