The traditional ‘Ihauteriak’ or carnival dances are performed in Basque Country since time immemorial. Celebrated once a year and organized by the ‘Oñatz Dance Group’ in the Oñati village, the event reunites a grand amount of villagers that performe the daces through the streets and plazas of the village from early in the morning to midnight.

Music is an essential part of this performance, in which several traditional instruments merge in harmony. Starting from the txistu, a kind of a flute that is played with a single hand while the other plays the danbolina a kind of a drum. Pandereta or tambouine and trikitixa, a variation of the accordion are the other instruments that set the rhythm of the dancers.



Shot March 5, 2011

Basque Country | 2011 | 34 min | Color | 16:9



Organized by

Oñatz Dantza Taldea


Music by

Oñatiko Trikitxaranga


Photographed & edited by

Ioannes Busca


Shot in Oñati

March 2011